1) Was hand sanitizer readily available?
2) Were our associates following COVID 19 protocols (social distancing, etc.)?
3) If you tried out mattresses or pillows, did your associate provide you with a disposable protective sheet?
4) Did you feel that your health and safety were being considered and a priority?

Store and Merchandise Appearance and Pricing

1) Did the store and products appear clean, fresh, organized and inviting?
2) Was everything priced, and was pricing easy to follow and understand?

Welcome and Presentation

1) Were you promptly acknowledged on entry, even if all our associates were busy?
2) Was your associate wearing a name badge, and did he/she introduce themselves by name?
3) What product did you come into the store to shop for? Please check all that apply.
4) During your visit did your associate tell you about Mattress Mattress®?
5) If shopping for a new mattress or adjustable base, did your associate ask you if you had health or sleep issues that you were hoping to address?
6) Did any of the following prevent you from receiving a Beducation®?
7) If shopping for a mattress, did your sales associate take you to our Beducation® Station, compare specialty foams and coils, and demonstrate their benefits?
8) Did your associate present and review how our waterproof mattress and pillow protectors protect your investment, and provide a healthier sleep environment?
9) Did your associate review the importance of sleeping with the right pillow, and attempt to fit you with one best suited to your needs?
10) If you were shopping for a new mattress, did your associate have you compare and test a variety – please select all that apply.
11) Did you feel like your associate focused on trying to find you the mattress that best suited your needs?
12) If shopping for a foundation or frame, did your associate review options such as lo-profile, split bases, all in one foundation/frames, and adjustable beds?
13) Were you provided with a review of the health and lifestyle benefits of adjustable beds, and offered a demonstration?
14) Did you come away from the Beducation® experience feeling that it would help you make a better buying decision?
15) Did your associate mention our financing options?
16) Did your associate mention our 5% Price Guarantee?
17) Did your associate offer you a free entry into our monthly corporate draw (your choice of accessories to a retail value of up to $250)?

Your Final Impression

How would you rate your experience at Mattress Mattress?
How would you describe your sales associate?
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