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Chapman Riebeek LLP offers advice and representation to both employees and employers. We have significant experience litigating small and large cases with small to multinational companies.

We cover employment and labour law issues, individual employment contract-related issues, grievances, wrongful dismissal allegations, and collective agreement negotiation.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Employment law is an area of law that has to do with the relationship between employers and their employees(cliché) as well as with trade unions. A lot of mistakes are made when differentiating between the closely related terms Employment law and Labour law. When it comes to Chapman Riebeek LLP, perfectionism is not debatable. Chapman Riebeek LLP has been in service since the 1950’s. The Employment law service happens to come with age and experience; apart from appealing solutions, the undiluted support we provide goes a long way.

Labour lawyers settle the relationship between employers, workers, employees, the government and trade unions.  

Individual labour law is about the rights of employees at work and through the contract for work. Government agencies enforce labour law.

Chapman Riebeek LLP gives advice and support to associations and unions navigating the work relationship in unionized workplaces including providing advice on the processes and rules associated with collective bargaining.

Employment lawyers give advice to employees as well as employers in all sections of employment, right from hiring through to termination. They counsel in non-conscientious or conscientious ways.

–   Conscientious advice is about helping and representing clients to prepare for and go through the litigation process and internal procedures like disciplinary hearings.

–   Non-conscientious tasks have to do with providing day-to-day support to the Human Resources departments of companies, such as reviewing, and giving advice on employment contracts, compensations, drafting and advantageous policies, employee contracts, etc.

An employment lawyer helps to explain the rights of the client to him or her. This comprises of explanations that are applicable laws that pertain to the case and options that are effectual, to the client, which may comprise litigation, intervention (mediation), negotiation and or other occurrences.

A common task that they see to is helping employers stay compliant with various laws.

For a majority of employment lawyers’ matters, there usually is a filed claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or other governmental agency which precedes an employee’s pursuit of a private cause of action. In all this, an employment lawyer comes in by helping an employee to file the complaint with the proper department(agency) required and give explanation on the time frame whereby the claim must be filed and disparate factors closely related to the claim.

As Employment lawyers, we also give assistance in employment-related lawsuits. We represent employees who file lawsuits against their employer due to:

– Prejudice

– Unjust termination

– Denial of benefits

– Wage and hour compensation.

 We also protect employers against any of such actions. Employers at times file lawsuits against employees, perfect examples are those who they conceive violated non-compete (a contractual clause that prevents a person or company from competing with another, especially with a former employer or partner) or agreements of confidentiality.

Salary and hour compensations claims arise when an employee does not receive the compensation which he or she happens to be entitled to.


An employment prejudice lawsuit may arise when an employee is discharged, relegated, reassigned, not hired or contrarily the recipient of the opposed employment action that is based on a secured status.

There are certain occurrences when a lot of employees are similarly affected by different actions by an employer, such as prejudice or a salary and hour claim, the employees may join together in a class action against the employer. This arrangement involves multiple plaintiffs.

Workers’ compensation claims come up when an employee sustains injury or falls ill due to work stress. An employment lawyer may or may not provide assistance to an employee in filing a case or an appeal.

In a few cases, an employee can have a third-party lawsuit against another party apart from an employer for a work-related injury. As employment lawyers, we help prepare charges, converse with the legal representative of the other party and make appearance in court on behalf of the client.

As employment lawyers we help advise to employees all about their right to form a union and as well as other rights, such as freedom from Prejudice based on their protected union activity. We also give great advice to employers on their rights and responsibilities regarding union workers.

Chapman Riebeek LLP possesses the effective skills required of Employment lawyers some of which are:

– Communication skills: there will always be the need to be able to explain legal matters and then give advice to clients distinctly and succinct. There will also be the need to have appealing confidence to represent a client in court.

–  Documented communication skills: An impressive standard of written English is necessary for preparing legal documents and drawing contracts.


–  Attention to detail: A high level of exactness is important for research and also in the setting up and of documents.

–  Negotiating skills: it is very important for reaching the very best outcome for your clients.

–  Perusal skills: Important for exploring certain parts of employment law further and finding examples from previous cases.

–  Organization: there will always be the need to be able to bewiled a heavy workload.

– Problem-solving skills: A logical point of view is essential in the creation of strong legal propositions (arguments).

–  Diligence: The need for self-motivation and commitment to your occupation path as the modification route is difficult and could take numerous years to accomplish.

Our employment lawyers are a representative for the employee when in the middle of an argument or is negotiating an issue with the employer of the employees. The most common issue employment lawyers for employees have to deal with is the termination of an employee’s employment. To that end, Chapman Riebeek LLP Employment Lawyers review terminations for:

–  Just cause dispute

–  How much separation the employee is entitled to?

–  Human rights problems

–  Contract interpretation issues

–  Termination of employment

Employment lawyers provide a variety of services to employees and employers. Some of the common tasks that lawyers in this practice area help with include:

An employment lawyer for employees also acts as a solicitor for employees, reviewing contracts, policies, benefit plans, insurance plans and equity agreements.

In addition, our employment lawyer for employees prosecutes human rights violations on behalf of employees against the employer.

Lastly, an employment lawyer for employees sits in place as a representative of employees during workplace inquiry(investigation).

An employment lawyer for an employer usually acts as a representative for the employer when negotiating or arguing an issue with the employee or his or her lawyer. Again, the most common issue employment lawyers for employers face is dealing with an employee’s termination of employment. To that end, employment lawyers for employers advise their clients on the amount of severance to offer an employee. Likewise, employers will ask their lawyer if they have just cause to terminate an employee without severance.

As employment lawyers for employers, we spend a lot of time drafting employment agreements (contracts) and policies. We also happen to do due-diligence for employers in reassessing their employment agreements (contracts) for a business transaction. Due diligence is the investigation or exercise of care that a reasonable business or person is normally expected to take before entering into any agreement or contract with another party.

 For instance, an employer has a total of 137 employees, and they want to publicize the business. An employment lawyer for the buyer would have to critically evaluate all the potential barriers related in a way to the 137   employees, so the employment lawyer will go through all the contracts (Legal agreements) of all those employees to quantify all the possible employment impediment of the transaction.

Unlike employment lawyers for employees, Chapman Riebeek LLP employment lawyers for employers are ready to effectively do the following on any given day:

  • Replying to a requirement letter beseeching more severance.
  • Writing of Statements of justification to repel a wrongful dismissal lawsuit.
  • Draught of a discharge clause in an employment agreement (contract).
  • Drafting exclusive employment contracts
  • Drawing impartiality contracts
  • Draught of harassment, prejudice, health and security and work stead violence policies.

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